When to use the AIRhub?

If you aren't racing, then it should be snugly secured in your forks. The AIRhub is great for a number of situations;  

  • Tempo sessions ~ 10% to 15% increase in power.
  • Hill simulation when you only have flat road.
  • Travelling and training on unknown roads.
  • Maintaining watts on a bunch ride.
  • Partner speed matching.
  • Reducing speeds on bike paths during high intensity efforts.
  • Quality pre race training and activation session.
  • Base load increase during pre season.
  • Form maintenance through base loading.
For examples of how to use the AIRhub and how you can incorporate the AIRhub into your training visit The Lab.

I don’t race what about me?

I find inner city commuting too short for training, the AIRhub works me so I'm sweaty when I get to work. Short, intense morning & evening sessions through the neighbourhood keeps me fit and healthy. Without the AIRhub, speeds would be unsafe or the intensity too low.

I feel a tapping. Whats up with that?

That means it’s working. It's normal for a light tapping to be felt when resistance is applied.

I don’t want my phone to die!

The new BLE protocol uses almost no energy. Remember to activate your lock screen. The app will still run in the back ground, however after a really long coffee stop you will have to refresh it. For worst case, turn on airplane mode then turn on Bluetooth and enjoy saving battery on disruption free ride.

Does the resistance change your pedal stroke?

By using electromagnetic braking, the AIRhub provides fluid resistance, which it's very different to riding with your brakes on. The AIRhub should actually help improve your pedal stroke. A slightly higher resistance makes riding with a lazy pedal stroke difficult. The AIRhub will naturally train you to deliver power through the dead spot at the top and bottom of the pedal stroke. A smoother more even pedal stroke is the beginning of a more efficient ride. 

I want a blue one.

Red goes faster.

I know it was built for road racers, does it work for triathletes TOo?

The AIRhub will work even better for Triathletes. More training in less time. It allows high quality training in the Aero position to become safe and easily achievable. No need to travel for miles to find safe roads. Long high intensity sessions can be done on a bike path.

Is it hard to set up?

One of our design parameters was to make your life as easy as possible. As a standard, each AIRhub includes our Smartphone App, automatic Bluetooth connect, no batteries, complete wireless connectivity, a super stable connection and a quick release skewer.  All you need is a tyre and tube and you are ready to ride 5 minutes after unpacking. Just remember - press pause on the App before closing, to turn off the resistance.
See our 10-Step Quick Start Guide for more information.

Does it fit normal road bike forks?

Yep. Most 700c forks work. We highly recommend quality forks, as with most bicycle equipment. The only thing you will need to look out for is if your fork protrudes deep beyond the axle. Send us an email with a photo if you are unsure.

Can my coach plan specific sessions using the AIRhub?

The AIRhub is awesome, so any training that incorporates it will benefit. We recommend using the AIRhub under the guidance of a coach for MAXIMUM results. We plan to build stronger coach centric features in later versions of the mobile application.

Is the AIRhub locked to my phone?

No. Anyone who can search for a free AIRhub can make a secure connection to it. If you go riding with your mum/coach, you can have her phone connect to your hub and control it on the ride.

Can someone else take control of my AIRhub while i’m using it?

No. Unlike ANT+, Bluetooth is a secure handshake connection. Once an AIRhub is paired to a phone it will become invisible and no one can connect to it.  If for some reason someone is able to connect to your AIRhub before you do, you won't be able to find it when you start the App. If this happens you need to find the paired phone and disconnect it before you will be able to pair.

Will my AIRhub automatically connect to my phone?

The App will remember the last AIRhub it connected to and always try to find it. If you want to find another AIRhub you must first forget the current one in the settings page. The App will then search and display all available hubs.  The same goes for Bluetooth heart rate monitors.

I want to build my own training app and use the AIRhub to dominate the world.

Sure, we love world domination plans. Please email us for the SDK.