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The AIRhub™ gives you the power to devise training rides that get a result regardless of terrain. Simulate climbs on flat road or ride at threshold with a button press. Extend the length and intensity of hill efforts, then switch it off for a cool down on the way home.


Train with riders on their recovery days or ride with your partner. Increase resistance to accommodate the needs of your partner while still hitting your training targets. The AIRhub™ lets you be more flexible with your training partners while maximising your training performance.


Use the AIRhub™ to maximise training time while riding in a big bunch. Choose a desired heart rate to ride at and the AIRhub™ will modify resistance to keep you there. Using bio-feedback you can get quality training wherever you ride.


Using algorithms the AIRhub™ can mathematically shape resistance to personalise training. Here's how it works:

Cda mode is a smart resistance mode that uses your road speed to decide how many watts of extra resistance to apply. The faster you ride the more resistance the AIRhub applies. If you start to slow down because of a hill the AIRhub will sense this and back off the resistance until your speed has picked up again. This makes sure that you are maintaining adequate power on the flats and not overworking and getting dropped on the hills.

How much resistance is the AIRhub applying? Use the following table to work out how much resistance you need at each speed. Pick a CdA for your ride and keep your phone in your pocket.

We don’t recommend adding max resistance to your ride every time. For general training choose a setting which will increase your riding power but not push you into the red. The biggest gains are going to come over a period of a few weeks. If you push too hard at the start you will fatigue quickly and not get the best adaptations. To build up training; slow and steady wins the race.