AIRhub 'Quick 10' with Matt Brammeier

Team Dimension Data rider gives the AIRhub a workout in the Santa Monica mountains.

Team Dimension Data Rider, Matt Brammeier, has been using the AIRhub in the lead up to racing the Amgen Tour of California. The Irish rider has been training in the Santa Monica mountains with his wife, Nikki, for the past couple of weeks and we caught up with him for a ‘Quick 10’ to hear about how he’s been finding the AIRhub.

"Happy wife = happy life. @TerrainDynamics helping slow down my stupidly fast @cervelo to keep @Nikkiharris86 happy!" - Twitter @mattbrammeier85


1. You’ve been using the AIRhub in the lead up to Amgen Tour of California, in what kind of terrain did you find yourself training the most?

I trained in the Santa Monica mountains area of south California. There's a huge ridge with plenty of mountains, canyon roads with flat stretches on either side. So I was up and down 2-3 climbs a day with a little bit of flat riding along the coast between. 

2. What is the place or situation you've found the AIRhub most useful?

I trained a lot with my wife Nikki the last few weeks as I always do. She was also preparing for the Women's Tour of California and often trains pretty similar to me. We both have the same trainer so our training sessions were pretty identical. Mostly riding a good endurance pace and then doing our own separate intervals in the climbs. I flicked on the resistance in between the climbs so we could both sit on our endurance pace and still be riding side by side. 

3. Can you describe what the applied resistance feels like to you? (eg. Headwind, long climb)

It's similar to an ergo, a real smooth ergo. It's a constant resistance and not jumpy at all.

4.    What is your favourite mode to use on the AIRhub?

I like to use the AIRhub on the 'Watts' mode, that way I can play about with the power a bit to put me just at the right level. 

5.    Give an example of a session that you’ve incorporated the AIRhub into.

The week before ATOC I had 3hrs @ 220w with 2x20 mins @ threshold. Nikki had the same but with a different endurance pace of course, I added a few extra watts into the AIRhub and we rode side by side all day apart from the climbs where I flicked the hub off. 

6.    How do you find the extra weight in the front wheel?

Of course it's an added stress to the ride, but again it's an extra training advantage. The difference is amazing when you jump onto your race wheels. 

7.    Does your wife enjoy no longer being half-wheeled on her recovery days?

 Haha, she loves it. We don't fight as much on the bike anymore! 

8.    Has the AIRhub ever beaten you? As in, have you ever has to turn it off on the way home?

Yep, that happened a couple of weeks ago, maybe I was a bit overzealous with the amount of Watts I added. The final 30mins Nikki had the wheel on me and I had to flick it off!! 

9.    What’s the feeling when you switch from training with the AIRhub to race wheels?

It always feels nice to put the race wheels in, but when I take out the AIRhub it feels like someone is pushing me along. 

10. Is there anything you’ve been able to do with the AIRhub that surprised you?

My normalised power has increased everyday by more than I anticipated. I can push a little bit more on the downhill now due to the resistance so over all I get a lot more out of my hours on the bike. 

Matt Brammeier - Team Dimension Data

Twitter/Instagram: @mattbrammeier85