Want to rapidly improve your Aerobic fitness?

Try including these Tempo intervals into your next ride.

Tempo training to supercharge your program.

Tempo training is the first type of effort you are most likely to use your AIRhub for. Strategically placing tempo workouts into your training program has many advantages:

·  Improved free fatty acid utilisation, which spares muscle glycogen.

·  Increased mitochondrial development,

·  Improved aerobic efficiency.

·  Increased muscle glycogen storage capacity.

·  Better fuel utilisation during long races or rides.

·  Increased capacity for more intense workouts.

·  Better power and endurance at moderate intensities.

·  Greater comfort while cruising on rolling terrain.

How to do it? 

Tempo is generally completed with a low pedal speed. Try to maintain a cadence between 75 and 85rpm while staying in the prescribed heart rate intensity. A slow pedal speed helps improve fatigue resistance and strengthens leg muscles. Be sure to stay in the saddle when you hit hills during your tempo workouts. Time spent in this zone will improve your aerobic capacity and supercharge your improvements when you start a high intensity block.  

It is important that you try to ride the entire length of the tempo workout with as few interruptions as possible; tempo workouts should consist of continuous riding at the prescribed intensity to achieve maximum benefit.

What do I set the AIRhub to?  

I generally recommend setting the AIRhub to CdA mode when you first start using it. CdA mode provides the most realistic riding feel. It simulates wind drag, so it is a resistance you are already used to. What level in CdA mode? 0.0 is off and 0.20 is full resistance. I recommend starting your new training half way, at a level around 0.1. This is the first time you have ridden with extra resistance so it is going to be a completely new experience for you. Once you progress through your training levels you can upgrade the resistance to the full 0.20. Starting on the maximum is tough, and even seasoned professionals have struggled to get through a 1hr ride with the AIRhub set to max.  

To start making the most of you training, include some of these Tempo efforts next time you are out on the bike.
Session 1

Warm up for 10-15 minutes

3 x 8 minutes Tempo efforts at 75-85rpm

- Riding at 75% to 85% of max heart rate or 76-90% of FTP 

4-minute recoveries

Ride at endurance pace for the remainder of the session.

Cool-down 15min


Session 2

Warm up for 10 – 15 minutes

35 minutes tempo at 75-85rpm

- Riding at 75% to 85% of max heart rate or 76-90% of FTP

Ride at endurance pace for the remainder of the session.

Cool-down 15min


Session 3

Warm up for 10 – 15 minutes

15 minutes tempo 90 -95rpm

5 minutes recovery

15 minutes tempo 75 -85rpm

5 minutes recovery

15 minutes tempo 90 -95rpm

- Riding at 75% to 90% ftp or 75% - 85% Max Hr

Ride at endurance pace for the remainder of the session.

Cool-down 15min


  • Include between 2 and 3 sets of Tempo training per week during tempo block and base build phases.
  • ‍Continue with 1x per week in threshold and peaking phases to maintain high energy turnover.

Advanced Tempo blocks.

The following programs are designed for athletes using a periodised training program with a specific goal.

The final Tempo cycle is usually included between 4 and 6 weeks out from an event. The remaining weeks into the event are usually planned to include an easier recovery week followed by a Vo2 max or anaerobic block. I have used this periodisation format multiple times in the lead up to winning a World Championship, Commonwealth Games, and several national titles. A targeted Tempo - Vo2/Anaerobic block delivers a 1 - 2 punch of incredibly high performance and targeted results that very few athletes can match. After pulling off your first Periodised peak using these techniques you will have the knowledge and confidence to target any event, world wide.

Intermediate level Athlete Tempo Block

In the intermediate program we are using a slightly more mixed tempo block, it is designed to maintain a medium level of race fitness and speed.  The threshold and high torque efforts will keep your muscle active and shorten the length of the peak phase needed before racing.

Professional level Athlete Tempo Block

The Professional level program is for athletes that have previously completed several tempo builds and know their body well. This large volume of tempo will develop massive amounts of muscle fatigue, slow your leg speed and may reduce your race capacity in the short term. However, as the fatigue builds, metabolic signalling is underway to adapt and harden your legs. Harder legs set the foundation for your Vo2 and Interval sets. It means more sets with less fatigue and you are less likely to breakdown before you reach your goal. Your ability to resist fatigue is what ultimately determines how high you can peak and what type of athlete you will become.