Terrain Dynamics is team of cycling technologists who aim to push the boundaries of high performance sport.

Headed by international recognised cyclist, Michael Freiberg, we focus on producing the tools that athletes need to be the best. Whether it be high performance coaching, exercise physiology, aerodynamic and metabolic testing, or product development and cycling specific manufacturing and distribution, we can work with you to reach your targets.

Our company is founded on the principals of data, in depth reporting and rigorous testing. We focus on building from cutting edge research and using the latest techniques to maximise performance; in the shop or the road.

We create solutions to take you to the next level.

High Quality training wherever you are. Reduce training speeds and achieve more.

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Design, prototype, Manufacture

Our team has full stack experience in the Cycling product development space.

The demands of a functional cycling product are far beyond that of normal consumer products and we specialise in bringing your concepts to market. Lightweight, stiff and reliable are the starting point for all cycling equipment, but we go further and intrinsically understand how and why the cycling market will use your product.

We build for the lifetime of your product. The deep understanding and market experience we bring around who and what you are building will save you months and countless errors in the post production phase. When developing a new product its important to understand your manufacturing process but also recognise how design choices you make could impact your company post sale.

Our goal is to design and prototype your next project, and develop your product for global distribution.

Coaching and physiology services

Terrain Dynamics has a number of brilliant coaches ready to work with you on you next goal.
We use Training peaks software to analyse and deliver a world class training program to see you improve to the next level.

We have laboratory testing equipment and can conduct personalised laboratory tests. Our services include Peak Power testing, MAP testing, Lactate and muscle oxygen testing, and core body temperature monitoring.
These testing scientific tools give a in depth picture about how and why your body is reacting to physical stress and allows us to develop a clearer plan to improve your performances.

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